Free Disinfectant Spraying With All 1-Year Contracts. Click For Details, or call 817-829-1113

Free Disinfectant Spraying With All 1-Year Contracts. Click For Details, or call 817-829-1113

Doing My Part - Keeping A Sanitized Environment On Your Own

While hiring professional janitorial services for your business is a wise idea, you can also play a major role to ensure cleanliness and a sanitized environment for your employees, customers, clients and anyone else who might show up. Yes, you can also prevent germs and other harmful substances from being in your place of business with some simple and common sense practices.

photo of an office worker sanitizing a computer keyboard with a bleach wipe

Ensuring that there is self-dispensing hand sanitizer at your point of entry is the first step. This way anyone coming in can immediately get their hands clean, should they need to shake hands with anyone or handle any office equipment or supplies. It's also a good idea to have masks handy as well, just in case the policy is to mask up, and someone arrives without one.

Another tip is to frequently wipe down any handles, surfaces or places where hands may end up touching. This includes door knobs or handles, levers, desks and counters, keyboards, etc. The more attention given to places where people continuously or are likely to touch, the greater the likelihood is that it will be a clean and sterile surface.

images of a business manager sanitizing a railing

When anyone in your place of business or office, or whatever the setting may be, uses the restroom, then it should be as clean as the highest standards call for. This way, no one will bring out any nasty germs or particles that are lingering in unclean restrooms. Having a clean restroom should not be confused with a clean looking restroom. The germs and viruses are things that we cannot see with our eyes, so giving a surface shine may not be sufficient.

an image of a clean and sterilized restroom

Having the handwashing supplies and hot water at the ready is mandatory. The soap should come from a dispenser, and be well kept so that it doesn't leak or drip more than what's pumped — causing waste. The water faucets that allow the water to run are the best, as it's easier for a person to wash their hands when they don't have to constantly (or continuously) press or turn the water handle. It's also more sanitary this way, as an unwashed hand isn't steady working the facet handle. Hot water is also a necessity. It may show up on the expense sheet, but it's better to enable folks to properly wash their hands and whatever else may require hot water for the sake of cleanliness.

Facial tissues are relatively inexpensive, and can be great to have around for when there's a sneezy visitor, a staff-member with a runny nose or cough, or even for small spills. Thankfully they're not much needed, and their already-low cost makes them an easy investment. They last a while and are always handy to have available when they are needed.

These simple practices, when done mindfully and diligently, can have a great positive impact on keeping your office clean and germ-free. Well, as much as possible anyway. There is always a deeper and more targeted level of clean, but it's usually done with the help of professionals. We service the Dallas-Fort Worth region and provide janitorial services for businesses of all types. Our work is even great for residential needs. Like many of our existing clients, you can even schedule our services to run regularly. Tell us what you need, and we'll reach back out.

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