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Free Disinfectant Spraying With All 1-Year Contracts. Click For Details, or call 817-829-1113

Should You Hire Or Contract Cleaning Services?

A cleaning service for your home or business is not necessarily a luxury of the well-to-do. In fact, doing so may be a smart choice economically. Depending on what you need a cleaning service for, you might consider it an investment in yourself. There are many financial benefits to hiring or contracting a cleaning service that may outweigh the cost.

Hiring a cleaning service for your home could free up invaluable time and energy to focus on more profitable--and enjoyable--uses of your time. Hiring a cleaning service for your business can increase workplace productivity, not to mention preventing fines from the health department or bad reviews from customers. So we’ve established that a cleaning service can be a positive investment in yourself and or your business, but the question remains. Should you hire or contract cleaning services?

What’s The Difference?

Whether you should hire or contract a cleaning service depends on the type of cleaning you require. Hiring a cleaning service on a case-by-case basis makes more sense if you’re looking for a personal cleaning service for your home. If you own a business, it makes the most sense to contract a cleaning service, as most services offer a better rate if you commit to weekly or monthly cleanings on an on-going basis.

Personal Cleaning Services For Your Home

You might be amazed to find that hiring a home cleaning service is as affordable as a regular monthly bill, like paying for gas, water, and electricity, or any other utility service.

Leaving the heavy lifting to a cleaning service to do a monthly deep clean will allow you to do simple maintenance cleaning throughout the month, rather than a complete overhaul. It really does make life so much easier, not to mention all of the mental real estate you’ll free up. This will allow you to focus on the important things in life, like expanding your career or spending more quality time with family.

Contract A Cleaning Service For Your Business

Whether you’re running a customer-facing business like a restaurant or retail store, or a closed space like an office, contracting a cleaning service is a good investment in workplace productivity. Studies show that employees are much more productive working in an environment that is clean and well-organized. Hiring a cleaning service boosts workplace morale, which in turn increases productivity.

If you’re in the restaurant business, a cleaning service is essential to comply with minimum health department standards. Your health department grade is on display for all to see. It better be an “A” or you can be sure you’re going to lose business. It costs more money in the long run to fix issues your business is sighted for after the fact. The health department charges additional fees for a re-evaluation and even then, there’s no guarantee your business will receive an improved grade.

Regular Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Contracting a monthly cleaning service for your business is the way to go, rather than hiring on a case by case basis or making your cleaning service employees of the business. There are numerous tax benefits to hiring independent contractors and you are not beholden to the many state regulations that govern the relationship between employer and employee.

Financial Benefits Of Contract Cleaning Services For Your Business

  • Contract cleaning services typically offer a better rate to businesses that commit to a monthly cleaning program, rather than hiring on a case by case basis.
  • Making your cleaning service part of your monthly expenses helps with budgeting.
  • Your cleaning expenses will show up on your profit and loss statement so that you can continue to make smart budgeting decisions elsewhere.

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